Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mondays...full speed ahead!

I know...today is not a Monday! That title reflects the fact that my last title was..."No more Mondays!" Has it really been since June 1 that I wrote on my blog? I guess that kind of explains what a life has been like for us lately. Crazy Busy!

Just a few things that we've been up to since our last post:

My Big Boy Goes to School!

Lane takes up bike riding!
Remember this... Look at her now!
More soon...today is the big Flyin' Bull Contest at Dawson's school...pictures to come!
Love Ya!

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JodieT said...

I have no idea if you will read this..or when you will but I wasn't sure how else to connect with you.
The funny thing is that you actually inspired me to write when I was still pregnant with my angel and my survivor...I read your blog back then and wished that I had documented my pregnancy and vowed that I would write everything down from that point on. And now I continue to write as a way to heal and find hope.
Speaking of hope...it's ironic that we both have With Hope on our blogs..
anyway, feel free to email me if you ever want to chat... jodietummers@gmail.com
P.S. I'm glad my blog brought you some sense of peace...it's good to know we aren't alone!